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Signs Your Cybersecurity Strategy in Need of an Upgrade

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Most businesses are connected to the Internet in one way or another these days. This is especially true for online businesses. However, the Internet is not a safe place. There are hackers and intruders who have interest in gaining access to your system and steal your valuable data. No business, no matter how small, is free from potential attacks. That’s why it’s important to educate yourself on the latest cybersecurity risks and implement the necessary strategy to secure your business. If you are wondering if your cybersecurity strategy is in need of an upgrade or not, here are some questions to ask yourself.

Are You Using the Same Measures for the Last Few Years?

Security measures can get outdated really fast, given how fast Internet technology grows and how advanced hacking techniques become. If you are using the same security measurements from last year without any update, you are already exposing your business to potential security breaches. Old systems and obsolete technologies are easy to break into, especially for advanced hackers. Even if you haven’t been hacked yet and your cybersecurity system has been running smoothly for years without any issue, consider an upgrade if you want to keep hackers at bay. Sooner or later, they will reach you if you don’t act.

Do Your Employees Know Anything About Cybersecurity?

Cybercriminals are constantly looking for a weak entry point to let them enter a network. The risk increases exponentially if they specifically target your business. A weak entry point can be a technical configuration, but it also can be your employees. How? Using techniques like social engineering, hackers can trick your employees into giving them sensitive information that will give them access to your network. In most small companies, employees generally don’t have any interest in learning about cybersecurity assuming it has nothing to do with their job. You, as a business owner, need to educate them on basic cybersecurity measurements so that they know how to detect a malicious request or a suspicious link, for example.

Do You Have the Right Data Encryption Technique?

Data is where the money is in business. Imagine having an online shop that processes customers’ credit cards on a daily basis. Dealing with sensitive information like credit card details demands a different approach to data security. It’s you to decide whether to store that data or not, as well as how to transmit that data securely from the user’s browser to your server. Without a powerful data encryption technique, hackers may find a way to intercept in between you and your customers and gain access to the financial data. For those that store customers’ passwords and financial details on their server, strict encryption measurements should be implemented to protect not only your customers’ data but also your business’ reputation and credibility. Just look at the recent security breach scandals around the world. Would you trust those businesses again with your data?

You Don’t Understand What Third-Party Risks Are

A recent study found that attacks from third parties cost companies $370,000 on average. These third parties are your partners, vendors, suppliers, etc in business. They all have different levels of access to your system. There are multiple ways a hacker can break into your system through your third parties, for example:

  • By hacking their system first, and then use their compromised system to gain access into yours.
  • By social engineering

 Such attacks are also called supply chain attacks.

If you work with multiple partners, it’s time to carefully vet all of them to make sure their system is secure with up-to-date cybersecurity measures. 

Think your business cybersecurity measures need an upgrade? Contact us today to get connected to qualified cybersecurity experts who can help you.


Jet Engine Transport

On-Time Delivery When Shipping a Jet Engine

Shipping a jet engine is a delicate and skill-intensive task that if done the wrong way, could cost a business millions of dollars. At Heavy Haulers we use our decades of experience in the transportation industry and our specialized knowledge in different engine types and specifications to make sure your jet engine safely arrives at the destination in a timely manner. Air transportation can be used for transcontinental shipment, but for national destinations, trucks and trailers are still the most reliable and cost-effective means of transporting an expensive and bulky jet engine.

Aircraft engine transportation is a difficult task that requires experience and knowledge to avoid unnecessary damages to the sensitive cargo. Protective padding and fitted tarps ensure that your engine is secure and safe from any road debris and harsh weather condition.

Transporting a Jet Engine Overseas

Jet engines are the most important part of any aircraft. That’s why proper security measures need to be applied when transporting them, especially from one country to another. Loading and unloading from one port to the next requires specialized skills and knowledge in the industry, especially for something as delicate as a jet engine. Thanks to our strict securement procedure, jet engines and other aircraft parts can be used immediately after arriving at the destination.

At Heavy Haulers, we use our years of experience to ensure each shipment is delivered on time without any hassle. Customs are taken care of even before the shipment leaves to make sure no time is wasted. Importation taxes and other associated fees will be calculated for you and included in the quote, to make sure you’ll have no surprise hidden charge down the road.

Common Jet Engines We Transport

  • Turbojet Engine
  • Turboshaft Engine
  • Turbofan Engine
  • Ramjet Engine
  • Turboprop Engine

How to Ship a Jet Engine with Heavy Haulers

The whole process starts with getting a free no-obligation quote from our shipping specialist team. Whether you are shipping your jet engine regionally, nationally, or transcontinentally, we have a tailor-made solution for you. We provide the appropriate means of transportation and handle all permits and customs procedures for you. As an industry leader in aircraft engine transportation, we provide the most affordable rates. Call us today for a free shipping estimate!