What Goes on in the Mind of a Suicidal Person and Reasons You Should Never Kill Yourself

When you are in the middle of a negative thought stream, everything seems so dark and hopeless.

However, do you know that you can change how you feel instantly by switching to another thought?

Why Taking Your Own Life May Never Be the Solution to the Problem?

A very depressed and suicidal person may be tempted to think that by committing suicide, all their problems will be solved. Based on that belief, they choose to end their life. However, is that belief even true? What if it’s not true? Your life-and-death decision is based on a belief that hasn’t been proven to be true or not. If it’s not, you can’t be revived.

Death may seem like an escape to all the problems you have, because right now, right here, in this human form, you perceive death as something that will make you invisible. Because most dead people can’t go back to tell their story (actually I haven’t heard of anyone who was able to go back at all), living people assume that once they are dead, everything ends. However, what if death is only a transition to another state? In that state, you are invisible to the physical world, but you can see them? Will it make a difference in your decision to kill yourself?

What if whatever you think will help you escape the world, is actually only an illusion? Your death will be for nothing. Worse yet, you will be stuck in that ethereal form, with the emotional mess that you are currently in, and unable to do anything. You’ll see the people you love suffer from your death. You want to hug them, offer them consolation but feel helpless because you can’t. Is that feeling better than what you are experiencing right now? At least while you are alive, you can make changes to the situation, whether for better or for worse. And remember, if you believe you have it rock bottom, there is little chance that what lies ahead will be worse than what is right now.

Remember, after a storm, everything will become very calm and the sun will reappear.

Don’t take a temporary setback and make it permanent.

No matter how hard the situation is or how bad you feel, there will always be a way out that doesn’t involve you killing yourself.

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How to Hack Your Subconscious Mind

Most of us have heard about the subconscious mind, however, most don’t have a clear idea of what it really is and how to best utilize our subconscious mind to our advantage.

What Is the Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is, as its name suggests, a part of the brain that you may not be aware of while you are awake. When you are asleep, however, the subconscious mind becomes more active than ever. It actively runs through what happened in the previous day and stores data into the permanent memory.

How to Hack Your Subconscious Mind

There is a simple tip you can implement today to start making your subconscious mind work for you. First, here’s a fact: Your subconscious mind cannot distinguish between negative thoughts and positive ones. Whatever you feed into the subconscious mind will be used by it to form automatic thought patterns that determine your view of the world.

Now, here’s the trick to hack the subconscious mind: Right before falling asleep, think about something that you would like the subconscious mind to work on. Surely, you don’t want to dwell on sad memories or else your subconscious will work on that and god knows what more of it you will get in the morning.

Make your subconscious mind work for you by deliberately thinking about good memories and things you want to achieve or solve right before falling asleep. The power of the subconscious is unlimited. Even when you feel hopeless and clueless during the day, the subconscious has ways of tapping into the infinite intelligence which will provide a solution to your problem. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll come up with ideas that you never thought about before the previous day.


How to Daytrade Without 25k

For those of us who don’t have 25k to invest in a trading account, the Pattern Day Trading rule can be a real hindrance. If you open a stock trading account with a US broker, you are subject to this rule no matter where you reside. The rule states that you cannot have more than 3 round trip trades in any 5-business-day period. Since most daytraders execute multiple trades a day, this rule will severely limit your trading ability.

How can you overcome this setback when first getting started with day trading if you don’t have a lot of money to invest in a funded account? If you have done preliminary research, you would have heard others recommend CentrePoint, CMEG, or Ustocktrade. They may be good options for beginner traders. However, the problem most beginner traders face is the exact same problem they need to avoid PDT rule: lack of capital. Even if you manage to get your account opened at CMEG with a $500 deposit and unlimited day trades, you are still very much limited in your choice of stocks, quantity, and strategy.

$500 is not a lot to start with, and if you limit your stock universe to penny stocks, your buying power will only permit you to trade in small quantities. Without much margin for errors, no wonder so many small accounts get blown up within a short period of time. Research has shown that the larger your initial account deposit, the higher your chance of lasting in the market. As we all know, since more than 90% of all day traders lose money, your primary goal as a beginner trader is to last as long as possible in order to gather enough experience. When you get started with $500, you are already at a huge disadvantage.

Why I Like TradeNet

Trust me, I have tried various options before arriving at Tradenet. That includes opening a small account with a $1500 deposit with TradeStation and placing trades through the TradingView platform. It did work out quite well in the beginning, but again, since TradeStation is a US-based broker, the PDT rule is a constant hindrance. If you are used to making at least 3 round-trip trades a day, trust me, you will feel extremely frustrated.

So, why Tradenet?

What draws me towards Tradenet are its educational packages. They come with a leveraged funded account that you can trade freely without worrying about PDT rules. The Intro package is their lowest offering. It costs $500 and gives you access to a funded account with an initial balance of $14,000 and a maximum drawdown of $700. You get 70% of the profits generated from the account. (Note that due to pressure from US regulators, Tradenet is unable to offer these funded accounts to US residents).

The package I would recommend you to get is the Student package. It comes with an $80,000 funded account and a $4000 max loss. On top of that, you’ll get to keep 75% of all generated profits. For an average beginner, the $4000 max drawdown gives enough room for them to test, fail, and survive the market for a long enough time to gather experience. Even though it’s priced at $3000, you can get a discount of $400, which brings the price down to $2600. Contact me if you would like to get a discount.