How to Cut Hair at Home Like a Pro

Most people are not courageous enough to cut hair at home. However, if you can’t go to a salon, cutting your hair at home can be a fun and rewarding activity. Though you may not be able to achieve a sophisticated look, there are many simple styles you can do at home.

Invest in a Good Pair of Shears

Even as tempting as it sounds, you don’t want to use the kitchen scissors for hair cutting. First, your kitchen scissors may have dull edges that cause split ends to your hair. Secondly, do you really want to use the pair of scissors used to cut chicken wings to cut your hair? If you want healthy hair and the best possible cut, invest in a good pair of razor-sharp shears.

Cut Less Than You Intend To

Remember that you can always cut more if need to, but the hair you already chopped off, you can’t add it back on. For those who try cutting their hair the first time, start small. Cut a little each time and fix it as needed. Also, keep in mind that wet hair always looks longer than dry hair. If you cut while your hair is wet, remember that whatever length you see, it will look a bit shorter when dry.

Get Someone Else to Do It If Possible

Family members are there to help you, especially when it comes to the back. Instead of pulling your hair to the front and guessing the correct length, get someone to cut the back for you. What could be more fun than a couple cutting each other’s hair? Additionally, letting him or her cut your hair shows a high level of trust in your partner.

How to Cut Women’s Hair

For those who have long hair, you can bring your hair to the front and snip at an angle if you want a blunt cut, or straight if you prefer a round cut. Cutting your hair into layers requires sectioning it according to existing layers and trim away one layer at a time. Complex styles should only be attempted after you have cut your hair a few times. For absolute beginners, stick to simple styles that are easy to fix.

How to Cut Men’s Hair

With just a hair clipper, you can easily cut your man’s hair at home. Of course, men can do it themselves if they want to, but it’s always better to have someone help them at the sides and back. Using the clipper blade, trim from the bottom to the top. Hold the blade at an angle to create an even fade.

How to Cut Children’s Hair

Children generally are less conscious of how their hair looks. When it comes to haircut time, most children just want to get it over with so they can continue to do whatever they are doing. With that being said, it doesn’t mean you can be neglected while cutting your child’s hair. A wide-tooth comb and small scissors are all you need. Trip away small amounts from the ends of their hair and be careful while working on their fringe.

Above are some simple tips to help you cut hair at home. Want to save money and time while keeping the entire family looking fresh the whole time, why not attend a cosmetology school? You can even switch careers and become a hairdresser after finishing our Cosmetology Operator program!


Lady Gaga Spent $50K on a Ghost Detect After Allegedly Being Chased by One

Lady Gaga is no stranger to eccentric behaviors, but many fans don’t know that she actually spent $50K on a ghost detector in 2010 after claiming a ghost named Ryan chased her. Apart from that, she even hired a team of paranormal activity investigators to inspect every concert venue she was about to perform in search of the spirit. 

Gaga, who is said to believe that she is the incarnation of her dead aunt, took no chances with letting evil spirits affect her performance or safety. She is also famous for her extravagant expenditures. During her Monster Ball tour, she reportedly hired a NASA chemist for $50k to help develop a non-hot substance that would release steam out of a teacup-shaped dress she would be wearing on stage. To transfer her equipment and wardrobe around the world on tours, she reportedly paid more than $600k for private jets. Even the bathtub used in her The X Factor performance cost more than $65k. 

Who Is Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Even though born in New York, she has Italian ancestors and inherited her good looks from her mother Cynthia Louise. She developed a strong passion for music at a very young age. At age four, she already taught herself to play piano by ear. Her first song was penned when she was in high school.

Despite having a natural musical talent, Lady Gaga’s road to success is not without obstacles. Her first record label Def Jam Records, with whom she signed a contract when she was 19 years old, dropped her within just 3 months. Being determined to make a name in the music industry, she did not let this early disappointment take her off track.

If you ever wondered who inspired her to have such an eccentric and unique on-stage persona, the answer is Lady Starlight. The duo gained attention performing at various local shows and was invited to perform at the 2007 Lollapalooza music festival.

Lady Gaga religiously worked her way up from writing songs for other artists to becoming a performing artist. It was Akon who recognized her vocal talent while working with her on a shared project. Thanks to his introduction, Gaga signed a deal with producer RedOne and created “Boys Boys Boys” along with other hits with him.

Her first major success came when her first studio album”The Fame” was released. For those of us who don’t live under a rock, we are mostly very familiar with the tunes and lyrics of “Just Dance” or “Poker Face”. Her single “Bad Romance” continued to top the charts in multiple countries. Her eccentric on-stage fashion and unique music style began to influence music fans from all over the world.

A Star Is Born

Lady Gaga got her first debut role as a struggling singer in Bradley Cooper’s “A Star Is Born”. The movie’s lead single “Shallow” topped the charts in multiple countries. Cooper and Gaga gave a heartfelt performance of “Shallow” at the Academy Awards, prompting fans to suspect the two developed actual feelings for each other off-screen, a claim that both denied.

How Much Is Lady Gaga’ Net Worth?

According to Forbes, Lady Gaga has an estimated net worth of around $275 million. Her annual salary in 2019 was estimated to be around $40 million. With such high net worth, needless to say, spending $50k on an Electro Magnetic Field detector is no problem for her. We hope that, regardless of whether the device caught any ghost or not, it surely gave her peace of mind to focus solely on her performance.

Psychology Relationships Self-Esteem

5 Benefits of Personal Development

If your goal is to become a better version of yourself, then personal development is something you should focus on. In fact, even though it may seem so easy to go through life without thinking deeper about ourselves, investing in personal development can yield tremendous benefits to both your personal and professional life.

Better Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is what gives you a sense of your own abilities as well as weaknesses. People with low self-awareness can go through life not knowing why they run into the same situation. They don’t recognize the patterns. Once you have self-awareness, you can better navigate through life situations knowing which part of your personality causes certain situations to appear in your life.

Greater Resilience

Life is not always about happiness and prosperity. Each of us goes through tougher times countless times in our life. When you have better self-awareness, you tend to be more perseverant when facing difficulties.

A Clearer Sense of Direction

Many of us go through life not really knowing what we want. As a result, we drift through life and let circumstances push us around. Not anymore with personal development. Once you become more aware and resilient, you know exactly where you want to be and work hard to achieve it. Difficulties no longer scare you as much, as you realize they are part of the journey.

More Fulfilling Relationships

By knowing who you are deep inside, you also know who you want to be with in terms of interpersonal relationships. You no longer want to stay in a toxic relationship for fear of being alone. You build friendships with people who lift you up.

More Motivation to Excel in Life

A lack of motivation is what keeps us from achieving our goals. One way to build motivation is to embark on a personal development journey. By getting to know yourself better, you’ll find motivation along the way.