How to Prepare for Your First Hiking Trip – 6 Essential Tips

Hiking is an excellent outdoors sports that not only helps you improve your health but also satisfy your need to explore nature. If you are new to hiking, preparing for your very first trip may seem like a daunting task. Luckily for you, we have some tips to help you get the most out of your first hiking experience.

Choose a Trail That Suits You

Depending on your fitness condition, you can choose a trail that is a bit shorter than the distance you can comfortably walk, on a level surface. Then, you need to take into account the effect of elevation on your speed and strength. Hiking up a hill or the Mad mountain takes more time and effort for the same distance. If you have never exercised before, try walking short distances daily a week before your hike trip.

Check the Weather

We all know how unpredictable the weather can be, and going out hiking on a rainy day is not a fun idea. Make sure to check the weather days before your trip. If the forecast doesn’t look too promising, consider postponing the hike to another day when it’s sunny and warm.

What to Wear-Pack the Right Clothes

The key to feeling comfortable during your entire hike lies in your clothing choices. Stick to something that is light, easy-to-dry, provides warmth and allows freedom of movement. It would even be better if your clothes can resist wind and repel water. Synthetics are usually the material of choice when it comes to hiking. For women, stay classy yet comfy in a pair of hiking leggings that flaunts your natural curves while still offering maximum comfort with its four-way stretch material. They are so soft and stretchy that you can even wear these leggings to a yoga session.

Choose Your Shoes Carefully

Nothing ruins an outdoors trip faster than painful feet. Make sure you pick the right pair of shoes that is light and comfortable. Preferably, it should be an old pair that you have been wearing, not a new one, since new shoes take time to adjust to our feet, and you don’t want to experiment with a new pair on a hike day.

Pack Light But Don’t Forget the Essentials

For a comfortable experience, try your best to pack light by selecting only the essentials. Packing light also means you opt for a travel-size sunscreen tube instead of a 16-ounce tube that is currently on sale. Some other essential items include:

  • First-aid kit
  • Lighter/candle and waterproof matches to make fire
  • Repair kit
  • Emergency shelter such as a tent just in case you have to stay overnight
  • Flashlight
  • Extra water
  • Extra food
  • Extra clothing
  • A compass or map for navigation

Stay Safe and Keep in Touch with Your Friends at Home

Make sure you study the route well enough before starting out. Mobile reception is usually not possible deep in the forest or high up on the mountain, so don’t forget to inform your friends or family of your estimated finish time. Once they are informed, they can ask for help if you don’t return hours after your planned finish time.

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The Best Food Items to Stock Up During Coronavirus Pandemic

During this difficult time, everyone seems to stock up on food, toilet papers, bottled water, and washing gel. However, is it a good idea that you flock to the supermarket at the same time as everyone else and risk contracting the virus due to being within close distance to one another? Before buying out of irrational fear, let’s take a deep breath and think twice. As you know, going to the store is not the only way to get food. You can reduce the risk of contracting the virus to zero by ordering online. Depending on where you live, you may have access to home deliveries offered by all nearby stores, or none (if you happen to live in a tiny city like I do). However, fret not! Even though the local supermarkets refuse to deliver to your doorsteps, there’s still Amazon. And during this tough time, I’m sure all of us can forgo the luxury of fresh vegetables and juicy fruits for our own safety’s sake.

If you have been wondering what are the best items to stock up on during times of quarantine and lockdown, here are some of the products I don’t hesitate to order in bulk, simply because they have been my comfort food for a long time. And best of all, they have long shelf life.

  1. Indo Mie Goreng Noodles,80 g – Pack of 40

If you want the true taste of Asian instant noodles, this mie goreng is a must-try. It has many flavours to choose from. But for me, the Hot & Spicy one is the best. Don’t worry. The spiciness won’t make your eyes water or send you looking for a cool glass of water. Do mind that this is a dried noodle dish, so follow the instructions carefully to get the best taste possible. You won’t regret it. To make it even more delicious and nutritious, add a boiled egg to the mix. Or if you have time and feel creative, why not follow the recipe in the video below?

Kraft Original Macaroni & Cheese Dinner

There’s nothing more comforting than sitting in front of the TV watching a classic movie while chowing down on your favorite comfort food: macaroni & cheese. It’s not hard to find it on Amazon. However, as you may know, the more you hurry, the better, as people know too well they need to order before everyone else and hot supplies don’t last long.

Knorr Bolognese Ready to Use Sauce, 2.2 Litre

What could be better than being able to prepare a plate of hot bolognese pasta right in your kitchen without having to go to a restaurant or order delivery service? Don’t just stock up on dry pasta alone. That’s not enough. And no, you’ll grow bored with ordinary tomato sauce soon enough. Stock up on these ready-to-use bolognese sauce bottles and all you’ll need to do is boiling the pasta. Fry up chopped onions, add a bit of olive oil, and then pour in the sauce. You’ll be amazed by how good it tastes.